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CYBIRD Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yoichi Kagamitani

We utilize Smartbeat to ensure there are no product quality concerns.

By maintaining awareness of the crash rate of an app during operation, we are able to strive for higher product quality. Also, we would like to utilize SmartBeat such that when we realize that crashes have increased we can co-ordinate with the Customer Satisfaction department and take action.

Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hisanao Suzuki

We had been looking for troubleshooting aids, and on encountering SmartBeat immediately knew “THIS IS IT!“, and started to integrate it.

Its advantage is the ability to share among all staff the various bugs that are occurring in real time.
It really clarifies what should be prioritized and fixed making next steps clear.

SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd.
Mr. Daisuke Yamaura

Our perception of app errors changed after we started using SmartBeat.

Realizing we had no idea what was going on among our millions of users various environments was our biggest discovery.
Each release was deliberately and thoroughly debugged, but it was shocking how even slight imperfections would lead to crashes.



Deeply capture various types of errors

SmartBeat detects and collect errors in your apps in real time.

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Powerful crash report analysis and debugging support

You can see error details and the impact of these errors on your application's users with the SmartBeat web dashboard.

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10 minutes SDK installation

Adding SmartBeat to your application is quite easy and simple. You can copy the SDK and write 1-line of code.

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