How to set up Unity error grouping exclusions (Unity)

Regarding Unity errors, even when the cause is the same, app status or device specific information is put in the error name, causing the error to be grouped separately. By specifying the information, and using {{}} or {{ below, the specified values can be excluded during grouping.

In particular, please implement using the following advice.

When using the regular Unity Logger

Surround the appropriate information with {{}} or use {{ at the beginning of the text segment.

Debug.LogError("some error message. {{id=123456}}");
Debug.LogError("some error message. {{id=123456");

When throwing an Exception, format the message as shown below, surrounding the appropriate places with {{}} or using {{ at the beginning of such segments.

throw new System.Exception("some error message. {{id=123456}}");
throw new System.Exception("some error message. {{id=123456");

When using a custom logger, and calling Smartbeat.HandleLog() directly

When calling HandleLog directly, modify the logString sent as the first parameter in the same manner shown.

For example, as shown below

bool HandleLog("some error message {{id=123456}}", stackTrace, type)	

Detailed specification

  • When using nested curly brackets, the left most {{ and left most }} take precidence.
  • ※Example:a {{ b {{ c }} d }} e → a [ignored_value] d }} e

  • The affected values are displayed on the console with the overwritten value of [ignored_value].
  • The original error name for each error may be viewed from the error detail by clicking the Breadcrumbs tab, then pressing the "Display error name" link.