Details of the impact on the old version of the iOS SDK under iOS14(Update 2/4/2021)

It was announced that a dialog for tracking consent will be required when accessing device ad identifiers from iOS apps in early spring.

[AppTrackingTransparency requirement update]

This may affect SmartBeat's user counting function, so please update to the corresponding SDK as soon as possible.

Effects of the change in the iOS14 specification when using the old SDK

1. The impact on duplicate user counts using the older SDK

SmartBeat's old SDK (Suppression of duplicate user counting) counts users by IDFA.
In the new SDK, a UU will be stored in the Keychain instead of using the IDFA.

2. The impact on user counts using the old SDK

In iOS14, if the consent dialog for AppTrackingTransparency.framework is displayed and consent is not obtained, the IDFA is updated to 0-filled IDFA, so the user is counted as a different user before and after the dialog.

■Target SDKs

iOS apps that meet the following requirements are affected
・iOS SDK Version 1.29, 1.29.1 or earlier
・Unity SDK Version 1.21.3 or earlier
・Unreal Engine SDK Version 1.2.13 or earlier
・Cordova SDK Version 1.3.11 or earlier

Requested change deadlines(Update 2/4/2021)

Considering the following four cases, please update to the latest SDK version as dictated below.

①. If you are using duplicate user suppression settings in the old version of the iOS SDK and the dialog for obtaining consent using the AppTrackingTransparency.framework will be displayed.

Please update to the latest SDK version either before or concurrent with this feature implementation.

②. If you are using duplicate user suppression setting in the old version of the iOS SDK and the consent dialog is not displayed by the AppTrackingTransparency.framework.

It is expected that the AppTrackingTransparency.framework will be mandatory by early spring, so please update to the new SDK before the AppTrackingTransparency.framework is actually mandated.

③. If the conditions of ① and ② are not applicable.

The new SDK has been improved user count specification to allow for more accurate measurements, so we highly recommend updating to the new SDK when you next update your apps as soon as possible.

④. If you are using the SDK version 1.29, 1.29.1 in your iOS app※.

Please update to the new SDK as soon as possible, because the user counting feature may not work as expected in some environments.

※ You can check it on the SmartBeat app list screen.

Reference: iOS14 specification change regarding IDFA acquisition

In iOS14, it will be required to obtain IDFA by early spring by using AppTrackingTransparency.framework to display the consent dialog and obtain the user's consent.

If the user refuses to obtain the consent in the above dialog, the following IDFA filled with 0 will be obtained.

0-filled IDFA: 000000-0000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000-000000000000