Privacy Notice

In the current age of user privacy and examinations for conformity to policies set forth by Google and other application platform providers it is important to make clear to end users how their personal information is handled. For this reason we request, as per Article 7(3) of the SmartBeat Terms of Use, that you provide to your users an explanation similar to the example below and link to our privacy policy on your download page, Usage Agreement, or other appropriate location.

Sample Explanation (the text inside the [ ] is explanatory):

This application uses the SmartBeat crash analysis / application improvement tool provided by FROSK, Inc. For this reason XXX [please replace with your company's name] and FROSK, Inc. collect the information below.
o Setting information including application and OS version, device name, screen size, etc.
o Information regarding this application's data transmission and memory, etc.
o Information relating to application crashes such as the time the crash occurred and location within the application that it occurred, etc.

[In the event you collect your user's personal information via SmartBeat, please list that information here.]

Information acquired by XXX [please replace with your company's name] will be used in accordance with XXX's privacy policy ([please include URL for your privacy policy here]).
Information acquired by FROSK, Inc. will be handled in accordance with their Privacy Policy (