[iOS]Regarding the privacy information items to be submitted to the AppStore(2021/6/2 updated)

As of December 8, 2020, app developers are required to submit information about their privacy policies when submitting or updating their apps to the App Store.

The items that require submission regarding the information that SmartBeat acquires will vary depending on the circumstances of each customer's use and other factors, so the following is an example of the "types of data and related items" that must be submitted.

Please consider on your own what you need to submit to Apple.

In addition, please note that the examples below are based on Apple's announcements and information on AppStoreConnect as of 12/07/2020. They may be subject to change due to additional Apple announcements and reviews.

App privacy details on the App Store
Please refer to the official page above for more information.

(Example submission)

■Data Types

・User ID
・Crash Data
・Other Diagnostic Data

Depending on their usage of SmartBeat, the following items may also be required.

▷If you are using the audience features or the duplicate user prevention settings in older applicable SDK versions.*1

・Device ID

▷If you have breadcrumbs lists, extended information, or if you are using screen capture functions

・Please select options based on the usage of your company.

Depending on the values of your settings and the screen being captured, some data not listed above may still be applicable.

■Data Use

・App Functionality

■Data linked to the user

SmartBeat does not acquire individual user data, meaning you would answer "No" here.

However, you can register values of your choice for breadcrumbs lists and extended information, meaning it is technically possible to register individual user information.

The registered information will be displayed on each error detail screen and depending on your company's configuration, this item may be set to "Yes".


The information obtained by SmartBeat will not be used for ad tracking purposes.
However, if audience settings are being used, it obtains IDFA, meaning that you need to follow the instructions on AppStoreConnect tracking selection screen, and answer "Yes".

You can also refer to the following FAQ.
Is it necessary to use the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) dialog when using SmartBeat on iOS 14.5 or later?