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The SmartBeat crash analytics tool increases user satisfaction

We had been looking for troubleshooting aids, and on encountering SmartBeat immediately knew 'THIS IS IT!', and started to integrate it.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. Mr. Hisanao Suzuki

Reviews about app 'Crashes' have dropped to zero!

Don't miss a single crash!

Crashes occurring in the user environment are 10x greater than what the GooglePlay console shows.
SmartBeat detects and analyzes all crashes and errors in realtime, from the actual user environment.

    See a capture of the user's screen just before a crash occurred.
    After a configurable number of crashes, you will receive a notification via email, slack,
    or webhook automatically.
    Multi-platform support for iOS, Android, Unity, Unreal Engine, Cocos2d-x, HTML5 apps and more.

Use it fully featured for 14 days for free!

SmartBeat Features

Screen Capture

See a capture of the user's screen just before a crash occurred. Easily reproduce the crash by knowing exactly what caused it.


Compatible with most apps. iOS, Android, Unity Game Engine (C#, JS), Unreal Engine(BluePrint, C++), Cocos2d-x(C++, JS), HTML5 Web apps and more are all supported.

Useful for customer support

User ID and screen flow information can be included and used for customer support.
Alternatively, know the user actions which caused the crash.

Notification Feature

Be notified when more than a certain number of errors occur via email, slack or webhook. Swiftly handle crashes as they occur.

Error Management

Tag and comment on crashes. Attach error scope and reproduction steps, making it easier to share information and prioritize crashes.

Visualize Quality Measures

Easily understand the important data and indices with easy to understand quality metric visualizations. Understand the relation between crashes and abandonment, and which devices and OS versions crash frequently.

Use it fully featured for 14 days for free!


Can SmartBeat be used for free?
Sign up for a Free Trial and use all features of SmartBeat free for 14 days.
What kinds of apps currently use SmartBeat?
Both domestic and global apps ranging from games and movie apps to financial apps and others spanning a wide range of genres are currently using SmartBeat. In addition, the management console is available in Japanese, English and Korean, supporting various customers throughout the world.
How long does it take to start using SmartBeat?
After applying for a free trial, your account will be issued within one business day. It takes about 10 minutes to integrate the API.
How do I learn more about SmartBeat?
Request white papers, or contact the SmartBeat office.
Use the Document Request and Contact Form for requests.
You will be contacted shortly after submitting a request.

Use it fully featured for 14 days for free!